Whole Buckwheat Porridge


Buckwheat is a seed related to rhubarb and belongs to a group of foods called pseudo grains. It’s a high protein and fibre source which contains magnesium, zinc, selenium, folic acid and some B group vitamins.  It’s delightful nutty flavour makes it one of my favourites to use in breakfasts, salads or baking.  

1 cup raw buckwheat soaked overnight in water
Almond milk

In the morning drain buckwheat through a sieve and run fresh water through. 

Measure out 1/2 cup of drained, soaked buckwheat per person into a sauce pan.
Add in 1 cup of almond mylk, for each 1/2 cup of buckwheat.

Place on a low to medium heat and stir regularly as it gentle simmers for about 10 mins. Most, but not all of the almond mylk will have evaporated by then . 
Pour into a bowl and add your toppings.
Once it’s ready to eat, you can add extra almond mylk.  


Coconut yoghurt or Coconut whipped Cream - big dollop
Goji Berries
Nuts and seeds of your choice
Nut Butter – one teaspoon
If you have some toasted buckwheat groats sprinkle them on top also for crunch. 
A sprinkling of cinnamon

This can be a good breakfast to take to work by not cooking it like porridge.