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We are intimately connected to the earth by the food we eat. Balance comes from the inside out when we throw off labels to become discerning and knowledgable of our own nutritional needs. 

Listening with discernment to what our own body needs, brings awareness that once gained has unlimited value for our overall health and wellbeing. The aspects of our individual bodies need a variety of nutrient dense foods everyday.

Knowing the kind of foods that fuel, heal and restore the body helps us explore with greater depth how to choose health-sustaining foods which support the natural relationship between nutrients and their assimilation into our cells.

Choosing whole foods as close to nature as possible, well prepared and eaten with appreciation have a profound impact on the quality of our lives.  Consuming less industrialised foods which have not been prepared with our body in mind, but rather a longer life on the supermarket shelf or as a fast food convenience have the power to create chaos in the body. 

What we eat, think, and feel effects every cell from brain function to how we age, the condition of our skin, energy levels, moods, sleep and consequently body weight. So when we place all emphasis on physical facts only, we miss the grand wealth of knowledge the intelligence of the body itself has to say. I believe there are many dis-eases within the mind that stem from emotional trauma which result in physically diagnosed diseases.

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"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

- World Health Organisation