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"Kim Malcolm has lead our annual 21 Day Nutrition Challenge for the past 4 years. Originally we had a very basic nutritional premise, but it was hard for people and we didn’t have many recipes to offer them. When Kim came on board the whole challenge grew and we now get record numbers of people. We are delighted to be helping so many people in our community make healthier changes to their lifestyles.

As a local council owned health and fitness centre we have a very diverse range of members. Kim was able to help us attract challengers right across our membership and from the community. We did try other nutritionists but found that Kim had the greatest ability to relate to everyone and people really responded to her.

Kim’s fantastic nutritional knowledge coupled with her relatable personality make her a very successful communicator.

She has an ability to capture people, understand their concerns and make it all seem really accessible and fun. Everyone always enjoys Kim’s lively presentations!

And there is no doubting her passion for food, great recipes and mouth watering pics as well! Every year there are more recipes and more information. Kim definitely keeps up with the research and keeps it fresh for people, many of whom come back year after year to give themselves a reset.

We hope we can continue to work with Kim and keep changing lives for many challenges to come."

Maria Bradley

Alpine Health and Fitness - QLDC


"Kim doesn’t admonish you for your reckless ways, she just shines a light on a cleaner, leaner, tasty pathway that makes you feel better. Better how? Less sluggish, stronger, clearer skin, pain free, (less headaches and joint pain)"



"Kim has completely changed my way of looking at food and nutrition and the results have been hugely beneficial and ongoing. Having been re-educated into exploring a whole new range of foods and cooking styles my enthusiasm for cooking meals and taking care of my wellbeing has been hugely inspired. Kim is one of those rare and deeply intuitive listeners with a wealth of life experience.

She just made it so easy for me by creating ease around the whole process to meet my personal needs in every way. Now, a couple of years down the track I am loving the food I make for myself inspired by her creative and delightfully quick new recipe ideas that are both nutritious and incredibly delicious.  I also have a much deeper understanding of what my body is really needing. Kim's great sense of fun, creative inspiration and genuine passion for food and nutrition make her an utterly delightful nutritionist to work with to bring about real and life-changing results."