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Health Whisperer
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Kim Malcolm is a Certified Nutritionist, a Recipe Developer and Life Coach who has worked with clients locally and internationally for over two decades.

I believe you are the best navigator as to what is going on inside of you. Therefore, I work in a very holistic and bespoke manner, gently guiding you to listen to what your body is telling you. I merely facilitate - using my knowledge in nutrition, to meet and respond to your body’s needs.
— Kim Malcolm
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Whether working one on one with clients focused on individual needs, with families helping to create healthy weekly meal plans for their busy and varied lifestyles, or working with large groups centered on the common goal of relearning the basics of good nutrition - Kim connects effortlessly and intuitively with her clients. Working interactively to ensure the learning journey about nutrition is easy, exciting and fun.


Her friendly and warm character, combined with her sense of humour place her in high demand as a speaker, to both private and public groups. The latest being “The 21 Day Challenge” a community program run by Alpine Health and Fitness - QLDC. Kim’s presentation and course content engendered an unprecedented response from the local community – whereby participants learnt how to reset their focus, to intentionally eat food that fuelled and nourished their body over a 21-day period and established good eating habits for life.

Supported by many years of experience, Kim’s focus is to bring a new awareness and holistic approach to food. Providing the knowledge to help navigate the often vast and confusing amount of information that the consumer is subjected to when asking the question, “what exactly is good food for me?“.

Kim believes good health and wellbeing are created by a blend of many components of life - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, nutritional and environmental.

Kim is hands on and pragmatic, teaching cooking classes that introduce the nutritional value of foods - demonstrating new ways of creating authentic, tasty wholesome food at home. Kim’s recipes and articles have featured in newsletters and blog posts, and her delicious food recipes are fast becoming regular staples of local cafes.